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Whether you are a new patient or a patient of record, the early signs of dental sensitivity can often be the prelude to a worsening condition. Fractures are also uncomfortable situations that can be accompanied by sensitivity or a cosmetic concern. When the symptom of discomfort arises, it’s simpler to resolve when we can see you sooner rather than later. Please call Tricia, our Office Manager at (404) 233-1102, to have her arrange a time to evaluate your problem.

Emergency care will often require two visits. However, no worries! We will make sure that we aid your comfort at your initial visit. Definitive treatment is often scheduled on a separate day that will provide the necessary time to successfully provide the services you need.

If you are a new patient, please print our new patient forms and bring them to your visit. Unexpected emergencies often accompany unexpected payment arrangements. Our office accepts most credit cards, cash, and checks. We have a wonderful outside billing service that arranges our payment plans: CareCredit or Lending Club Patient Solutions . After completing a brief application, many of our patients are able to receive affordable payment plans; some offering no interest for a period of time. The application process is free and Atlanta Dental Wellness pays the fee for interest-free plans. Non-interest free plans are charged an interest rate similar to a credit card.