Oral care can be effective AND free of harmful additives!

As the primary doctor treating our younger patients Dr. Giordano is very excited about this promising news! Risewell gives our patients the confidence to have an alternative to fluoride while gaining the peace of mind of natural ingredients to keep our smiles healthy.

Meet hydroxyapatite, your body’s natural version of protection.

As the main component of tooth enamel (97%), hydroxyapatite naturally strengthens, whitens, and restores, chemically binding to teeth and acting as a shield. Oral care products that incorporate this mineral have greatly improved dental practice for patients.

A recent in-depth study published in Scientific Reports confirmed that in a one-year trial with children comparing caries (cavity) rates for hydroxyapatite toothpaste vs. fluoride toothpaste, the hydroxyapatite toothpaste performed better than the fluoride toothpaste.

When used in combination with xylitol (which starves harmful bacteria and also can increase motility time at first, so introduce it gradually), your teeth are set up for success.

Unlike fluorides, not only is it biocompatible, it is non-toxic and is safe if accidentally swallowed.

We recommend RiseWell Natural Kids Toothpaste for daily usage as their smiles grow and mature. Also Scrubby Floss, the only floss in the world to contain hydroxyapatite. It’s thick and scrubby to grab everything in between the teeth. Parents love RiseWell too!

As our valued patient, please receive an exclusive 10% discount for any RiseWell product. Use code JACKSON10 at checkout.