How Can Periodontal Therapy Maintain Healthy Gums

Our gums are the foundation of a healthy smile. Dental plaque regularly collects on teeth as a result of eating, but thorough brushing and regular hygiene visits can help interrupt plaque collection. When plaque isn’t cleaned off adequately, it can harden into calculus and serve as a home for bacteria. This can ultimately cause loss of gum tissue attachment to the tooth—also known as gum disease.

Our hygienists are experts not only at maintaining your healthy gums, but also at noticing signs of declining gum health. They will measure your gum pockets at regular intervals to ensure strong attachment to your teeth.

What is the difference between gingivitis and gum disease?

Gingivitis is a reversible condition where the gums are inflamed and bleed due to buildup, inadequate brushing and flossing, or a combination of both. If not treated by better hygiene, gingivitis can turn into gum disease, also known as periodontitis. Periodontitis is inflammation of attachment apparatus that holds our teeth in place. This condition is characterized by loss of attachment and deep gum pockets. In severe cases, periodontitis can be accompanied by mobile teeth.

What do healthy gums look like?

Healthy gums are pink and firm. They should not bleed when brushing or flossing, and your gumline should fully cover the root surface.

What are signs of gingivitis or gum disease (periodontitis)?

Redness and puffiness are visual signs, while bleeding is the most common symptom. Gum disease can be accompanied by tooth mobility in severe cases.

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