Hello Precious Patients, Colleagues, and Friends,

It is with joy and positive anticipation that I share the news that I have decided to retire from practicing dentistry. This decision has been in the works for years, and my dream has come true to retire with complete confidence that my friends and patients will continue under the care of extraordinary doctors.

When Dr. Cale Jackson and I first met in 2019, I was touched by his passion for the science of dentistry. He quickly connected to my vision that patients’ healthcare preferences are unique and should be uniquely respected and supported. Having had his own experiences with chemical sensitivity, Dr.Jackson’s empathy was driven by not only his professional ethics but also by his personal experiences. I have enjoyed getting to know Cale throughout the 3 years that I have had the privilege to work with him. His desire to assume a leadership and ownership role of the practice remains a comfort to me as I know the continuity of care remains steadfast.

Dr. Giordano also came to our practice in a miraculous way. Dr. “G,” as we affectionately call him, was good friends with one of my closest girlfriends, who knew Dr. G from her teaching days at the dental college. His attitude, deep respect, and love for people were the icing on the cake to complement his artistry as a dentist. When Dr. Jackson and I were seeking another dentist to work alongside us, he was the perfect match.

It has been an honor to follow my heart, mind, and the developing science to build a practice with my remarkably talented staff, that would respect my patients’ healthcare preferences and offer holistic treatment options to work, always, within the highest clinical standards of dentistry and subscribe to the comfort and preferences of patients. This collaboration, the relationships I’ve made, and the lifelong friendships that I’ve cultivated are and will be most precious to me.

Knowing that these talented doctors have given me the gift of choice gives me profound joy to look forward to new adventures, including dedicated time to my own health goals. I want you to know that I am deeply grateful for the privilege to have been your dentist. I can say, “Maybe I’ll see you at the dentist!” After all, Atlanta Dental Wellness will always be my only choice for receiving my dental care.

With love and respect,

Roberta Cann, DMD