Dear Friends-Patients,

Thank you for your loyalty and friendship. I want to share what I think will be wonderful news for all of us.

I have dreamed of having more freedom to practice dentistry and to pursue my understanding of wellness.

At your next dental appointment, you will meet Dr. Cale Jackson, my excellent colleague. After graduating from the Medical College of Georgia’s College of Dentistry, Dr. Jackson pursued postgraduate dental training to become further accomplished in advanced techniques including surgery, complex veneer and ceramic crown procedures, and complex restorative cases. Dr. Jackson’s next career goal was to connect with a like-minded office that shared his interests in providing high-quality treatment, in a gentle manner, within a more intimate environment rather than a large corporate-owned practice.

Dr. Jackson’s personal and professional values align with my devotion to patient care that has been the foundation of this practice. I’d enjoy sharing a few highlights with you!

A very interesting man, Dr. Jackson was born in New Zealand, spent his earlier years in Singapore and New Zealand, and finished his childhood years in Georgia which with his wife Emily he is proud to call “home”. They have two children, 4-year old Liam and 2-year old Eliza.

Dr. Jackson’s interest in dental preventive medicine, dental wellness, and material biocompatibility was sparked when he developed an allergic reaction to certain dental materials. He further studied dental materials with the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.

Dr. Jackson is assuming ownership of this practice and will be practicing dentistry and be in charge of all operational responsibilities. I will be seeing patients several days per week in support of him. You will soon see two signs: “Cann Dentistry” and, our newest sign, “Atlanta Dental Wellness” on the marquee to represent the collaborative manner in which we, as your dental team, are supporting all of our patients’ needs.

All of us at Cann Dentistry welcome Dr. Jackson and, together, we will all continue to be devoted to our wonderful clientele… you!

See you at your next appointment!


Roberta D. Cann, DMD