Sirolaser Blue Laser Therapy

Atlanta Dental Wellness has recently purchased Sirona’s Sirolaser Blue, a dental diode laser. We are excited about the many new types of procedures it allows us to offer patients and it can also aid in our current treatments. Dental lasers use specific wavelengths of the light spectrum, focused into a beam, to produce a multitude of different effects on tissue in the body. The Sirolaser Blue available in our office can utilize three different wavelengths on the light spectrum (blue 445 nm, red 660 nm, and infrared 970 nm). Each of these specific wavelengths has different uses for treating conditions in the oral cavity.

Benefits of Sirona’s Sirolaser Blue Laser Therapy

  • Improved healing, less scarring, and less postoperative pain during surgical procedures:
    • The 445 nm blue diode provides the best cutting efficiency of any diode laser available. This means no scalpels or sutures (stitches) are needed for any minor surgical procedure you may need
    • The result is that you’ll heal much faster, feel little to no pain after the treatment, and likely not need to take any kind of narcotic pain medication after a procedure.
    • Examples of minor surgical procedures that can be performed: Tongue tie release (frenectomy), removal of excess gum tissue that traps food or fixing a gummy smile (operculectomy, gingivectomy), skin/gum tag removal (fibrotomy), crown lengthening
  • Extremely effective at destroying micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi). Some examples of how this can help your dental health:
    • Do you often get mouth ulcers, canker sores, or oral herpes lesions? The laser can help heal these painful sores much faster (and without the need for shots/anesthesia)
    • Can be used to disinfect an area immediately after a tooth is extracted so that it will heal much faster and with a lower chance of infection and/or dry socket.
  • Photobiomodulation (PBM):
    • Also known as: low-level laser therapy (LLLT)
    • Uses a very low power setting on the laser to supercharge your body’s healing ability, alleviate pain & inflammation, aid in immunomodulation, promote wound healing/tissue regeneration, and improve microcirculation of blood vessels
    • The laser is used on the red 660 nm wavelength on a low power setting (doesn’t hurt or cause any type of damage). This type of laser light acts directly of the cytochrome C complex of your cells’ mitochondria, with a host of healing benefits such as:
      • Supercharge your tissue’s healing ability
      • Alleviate pain and inflammation from TMJ pain, muscle, and mouth sores
      • Has a natural analgesic effect by inhibiting COX, an inflammatory molecule (similar effect to an NSAID such as ibuprofen)
      • Improve microcirculation and blood flow
  • Less need for using traditional dental materials, chemical, and medicated products

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